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Welcome to our Dealer Locator – your gateway to Showman Shine brilliance! Discover authorized dealers near you, ensuring easy access to our premium products. Our network of trusted dealers shares our commitment to excellence in pig care.

Our interactive Google Maps feature will guide you to the nearest Showman Shine dealer. It's your shortcut to radiant pigs and successful shows!

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Empower your pig care routine by connecting with our authorized dealers. Showman Shine is dedicated to providing you with the best-in-class products, and our network of dealers is ready to assist you on your path to pig perfection. Find a dealer, enhance your grooming routine, and let your pigs shine!


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 Step Instruction
1 Click the Location dropdown to search by Location, Store or Product Name
2 Click into the "Type" search field then enter the Location, Store or Product name
3 Choose a radius for the search (optional). Default radius is 20 miles
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